10 Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained On Rainy Days


We’ve all been there. Rain and mud have driven us inside and there isn’t much to do. In addition, our dogs are overcome with tons of energy and they tend to get bored. With boredom, they can become destructive. However, getting out for a play session or walk is not an option. So how do you break the boredom for your dog? And how do you get them to expel their energy? Well, it’s simple—use one of these 10 rainy day activities that will keep your dog entertained.

1) Doggy Bowling

What You Need:

  • 10 Plastic Water Bottles or Two-Liter Bottles
  • Tennis Ball
  • Hallway

This is a lot of fun for dogs and people alike. If you have kids, it is a great rainy day activity for your kids as well. Even if you don’t and want to expel some of the energy your dog has when he can’t get outside, try this activity.

All you need are the water bottles, tennis balls, and space for your dog to run. I find a long hallway works best but you can really do it in any clear space. The size of the space will be reflective of the size of your dog. Obviously, the bigger your dog, the more room you’ll need for your bowling lane.

Once you have the space set up your water balls into a triangle formation, think bowling alley for inspiration. Get your dog excited about the ball before rolling the ball toward the pin. The goal is to get your dog to not only chase the ball but to also knock the pins down.

It can be a lot of fun and don’t worry if your dog grabs the bottles too, just let him have as much fun as he wants. Set up the pins whenever they are knocked down and repeat until your pup is all tired out.

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