8 Ways To Prevent Disaster When Your Dog Attends Your Wedding


As wedding season approaches, more couples are putting in the effort to really make the day about them. They are tossing aside traditional ideas for the big day. They are incorporating ideas that show them as a couple. Which is why more dogs, including rescue dogs, are heading down the aisle as a ring bearer or part of the wedding party. However, having a dog at your wedding can be catastrophic when it comes to mishaps. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent disaster by following a these simple tips.

1) Watch Your Dog’s Diet Before the Wedding

Don’t give you dog any human food the weeks leading up to the wedding.

Nothing can ruin a wedding faster than a dog that is having a lot of stomach upset, which can mean diarrhea… something no one wants to have at a wedding.

To prevent this disaster, be sure to only give your dog his regular diet in the week leading up to the wedding. This is very important and you may need to chase a few of your guests and partygoers over this period.

Often, the days leading up to the wedding are filled with lots of activities and events. Many of those can be in the home, which means your dog will have access to a lot of treats.

While the occasional treat isn’t bad for him from time to time— as long as they don’t contain harmful ingredients— however, leading up to your wedding, you want to keep his diet strict. Only his regular food and nothing new or anything that may disagree with him.

By following this rule, the chance of any stomach issues arising will be decreased.

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