Police Officer Arrives Right in Time for Trapped Dog

By Nenad Dojcinovski | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-31

Being alone in life is a scary thought, isn’t it? You’re alone and there’s no one there by your side to share the good and bad with you.

But dogs have a different perception of being lost. Even if you leave them alone for days, weeks and months, they still will be waiting for you with a wagging tail at the end.

Unfortunately, this German shepherd wasn’t so lucky. No one was coming for her.

Thanks to Officer Sylvia Coelho however, of the Galt Police Department in California, the shepherd is back to living the life she deserves.

The shepherd fell from a pickup truck on a median along Highway 99. The pup had to survive along the busy freeway for five weeks.

But then Coelho came to the rescue. Frida, the German shepherd, had to recover from an infected bone and a broken hind leg.

And of course, Officer Coelho was constantly checking up on her. That’s where Frida and her rescuer formed a deep bond. No one called to claim Frida, and Coelho was more than happy to take her home.

“I’ve got her bed, her toys, her treats,” Coelho told The Fresno Bee. “I’m so excited!”

Frida is now living in a happy and loving home, and she has company too. Coelho’s three cats and a Chihuahua were there to help Frida adopt to her new environment.

Frida the Ghost Dog

Frida is known as the ghost dog in her new home, and Coelho has a reason for it. The officer had difficulties finding Frida, despite numerous calls about seeing glimpses of her.

Saturday is usually a day off for Coelho, but she was on duty the day of the rescue.

“I’m like, ‘OK. We’re going to find this dog,’” She told the LA Times. “I never work weekends. It was meant for me to work that Saturday.”

It looks like it was destined for these two to meet.


“She fights, she bites. We’re saying, ‘It’s all right, it’s all right,’” Coelho told the LA Times. “And those big brown eyes just staring up at me … She didn’t fight us after that at all.”

The fact that Frida managed to survive 5 weeks without food or water next to a busy highway is just another sign that she is a fighter.

But thanks to Coelho, Frida will now have the home she deserves.

“She’s going to go from the freeway to being here — to a loving home,” She told KGRA. “I’m so happy to give that to her.”

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