Incredible Pitbull And Baby Video Goes Viral After Camera Catches Him Doing This…


I’m not making a blanket statement that all Pit Bulls make babies laugh. There are exceptions to everything, but check out these videos and see how Pit Bulls can be with babies. Do you own a Pit? I’d love to hear from you.

Pit Bulls Cuddle

If you have pics like these, please show us. Pit Bulls are not all perfect, but when you have one with such a wonderful heart, you want the world to know, right? Okay, let’s take a peek at Pit Bulls loving babies!

Pit Bulls Make Babies Laugh

You have to admit it; you laugh when these babies do. Am I right? We don’t often see or hear of the soft, caring sides of Pit Bulls yet; they can be some of the sweetest animals to have around kids. 

The protective nature of Pitties can be a good thing, but be careful. Be sure to watch your dog’s interaction with your newborn when he first comes home. Because your precious pup may want to claim your baby as her own, as any good mom would.  

Pit Bulls Protect And Play With Babies

Have you looked at the attentive eyes of a Pit Bull? I’m not saying stare them down, in fact, never do that. Rather, watch from a distance as your Pit Bull gazes with loving concern over your precious little bundle of humanness. 

Pitt Bulls Are Like Other Dogs Who Love Kids

Just like all dogs, whether purebred or mutts, Pit Bulls love playing with members of the family, especially kids. They sense the innocence nature and can fall in love with the child easily. 

Maybe this sounds too mushy for you as you’re not quite sure you trust Pit Bulls. Be assured, any dog of any breed can become a threat to one of your family members. 

This can be due to age, health, past experiences, fear, etc. Therefore, always be alert and never place the burden of babysitting on your dog. After all, they are dogs, not humans.

If you’re looking for further reviews, Pamela Babcock has a balanced take on the good and not so good about Pit Bulls, take a look there.

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