People Form Human Chain To Rescue Dog From Canal


Three cheers for people who do good things to help puppies in difficulty!

Watch this clip featuring a group of concerned canine-lovers who rescue a dog stuck in a reservoir by forming a human chain.

It was shot on a smartphone by Marjana Khadreeva, according to the Daily Mail, who watched the scene unfold at the Sayran reservoir in the city of Almaty in southeastern Kazakhstan.

The video begins with a human wading in the water to get close to the patently frightened dog. He brings it closer to the reservoir’s slope, where other men hold hands in a human chain to reach them both.

It’s touch-and-go for a few moments as the guy at the bottom fights to reach the guys up top( amazingly, the dog seems to understand that he needs to stay put and wait, and he does so patiently ).

Finally, the chain is long enough to pull both man and dog to security — that’s the point where you’ll be cheering, just like the camerawoman.