When You See These Signs You Should Be Worried About Your Dog’s Health



Cold weather can impact older dog’s health.

Older dogs have special needs just like puppies. And like me, you care for your senior dog, therefore, we need to pay attention to these visible signs of possible health challenges. Being alert helps us discover what may be happening inside their body in time to make a difference. 

Are you noticing your dog bumping into things, falling unexpectedly, or displaying signs of eye discomfort (rubbing his eyes, unexplained redness, or partial cloudiness in one or both eyes)? He may be suffering from deteriorating eyesight. This is the normal process of change in aging dogs.

There are, however, a few things you can do to help your dog handle these changes. Seek out your vet for tips on caring for dogs with vision loss, and to rule out possible eye issues such as cataractsdry eye syndrome, or conjunctivitis, which are all treatable.

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