8 Puppy Essentials Every Dog Owner Should Have


Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting event and one that everyone enjoys. However, with every puppy, dog owners are faced with a number of supplies they must purchase. In fact, regardless of the age of your new puppy, whether it is a younger or older dog, you are going to need supplies in your home. To make shopping for your new puppy easier, I will go over the essentials every dog owner should have.

Before You Choose a New Puppy

I know that many people have chosen a puppy by the time they start looking at the supplies they have. If you haven’t, I recommend that you check out local shelters and rescues.

The reason why I stress this is because shelters are often overlooked when people think of puppies. However, there are several facts about shelter dogs that should be highlighted:

  • A high percentage of shelter and rescue dogs are under the age of two.
  • Often, dogs are there through no fault of their own (such as owners relocating) and have no behavior issues or have been accessed and trained by the rescue.
  • Pregnant dogs are not uncommon in shelters and their puppies will be placed up for adoption.
  • Many puppies, even as young as 8 weeks old, are relinquished to shelters and rescues.

As you can see, shelters are an excellent way to find a companion dog and even puppies. In addition, they have the added bonus of being vaccinated and neutered or spayed.

The Day You Bring Your New Puppy Home

So you have your puppy and the big day has arrived— he’s coming home. This is exciting. However, there are a few things I want to suggest on the day that you bring your dog home.

First, make sure you have all of your supplies purchased before you bring your puppy home. This will make easing into your new relationship much easier because you won’t have to head out to grab anything.

Second, have his space set up. Often, going to a new home is overwhelming so the puppy may want to just sleep in his special place.

Third, don’t make it a family event. While we all want to head out to pick up the puppy, it can be a bit overwhelming for the puppy. The best thing is for one or two people to pick up the puppy and then have everyone meet the puppy gradually after he arrives home.

Fourth, you should head straight home. Don’t stop to show him off at your family’s house or head to a pet store. This can put him at risk for diseases since young puppies often don’t have their second set of vaccinations. In addition, it can be quite stressful, which can lead to problems such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Fifth, enjoy the day. Just because you are following a few guidelines doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day. Spend time talking to the shelter staff or rescue people. Take plenty of pictures and don’t forget to enjoy a nap with your puppy when the excitement of traveling to his new home kicks in.

By following these few tips, you can start your life together right. Even if you forgot a few things on the list, you’ll be off to the best start with your new puppy.

Now let’s get to that list.

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