From Homeless To Royalty: The Story Of Markle’s Rescue Dog


Over the last few months, we’ve all seen headline after headline about the Royal Wedding. It was a huge event with celebrities and royals. For fans of both, it was worth the wait as it went off with the pageantry one would expect from royalty. However, for me, the day wasn’t about Meghan Markle or Prince Harry. Instead, it was all about Markle’s rescue dog, Guy and how this friendly canine went from kill shelter to the dog of royalty. So let’s take the time to get to know this rags to riches story that is all about Guy. 

Grim Beginnings

While he lives in luxury now, Guy’s story started in a kill shelter in Kentucky. ©Instagram/Meghan Markle

Guy’s journey from homeless to royalty began when he found himself alone in the woods of Kentucky. He was alone, running wild, and full of fleas from time spent in the wilderness. Guy didn’t look like the best candidate for adoption. In addition, they weren’t even sure if anyone had been looking for him.

All they knew is that a beagle was alone, running loose in the woods and animal control was needed to bring him back to civilization. After catching him, Guy found himself in a bind. The shelter that took him in was a kill shelter.

After several days of waiting for someone to claim the poor beagle, the shelter decided that Guy was alone and no one was out looking for a lost, 17lb beagle.

Making the decision, they placed Guy on the schedule for euthanasia. However, Guy’s story held a surprising twist. Days before euthanasia, someone took a chance on saving the beagle.

Knowing that there might be a chance for this beagle, the shelter reached out to A Dog’s Dream Rescue, which is based in Ontario, Canada. With the help of volunteers across the United States, A Dog’s Dream Rescue rescues beagles slated for euthanasia in the United States and brings them to Canada.

When contacted, Dolores Doherty, the owner of the rescue, knew she had to act quickly and save the abandoned beagle. It took some finesse but Doherty managed to manage to mobilize a network of volunteers. Together, they transported Guy the 500 miles to the Canadian border.

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