5 Inspirational Before And After Photos Of Rescued Korean Meat Dogs


With the Olympics long past, our eyes have turned away from South Korea and focused once more on homeless dogs right here in the US. However, for some, like the people involved with Free Korean Dogs, the spotlight hasn’t shifted. In fact, now, more than ever, they are urging people to adopt Korean meat dogs and other meat dogs from countries throughout Asia so they have their own happy stories. And while we urge people to get involved today, we are going to look at some before and after photos of meat dogs who have been saved and made it to their “furever” homes.

From Korean Meat Dog to Polite in Canada: Introducing Finn

Finn Before ©FreeKoreanDogs

Like the other success stories we are looking at today, Finn was found at a dog meat farm in South Korea. Locked up in horrible conditions, the white,Spitz breed dog was filled with sadness. Even after being rescued, the pup was fearful and reserved. It took days for him to come out of his crate. They even had to disassemble his crate around him just to get him outside to go to the bathroom.

However, with the affection and care of his new family in Belleville, Canada, Finn flourished. He is now a happy and respectful dog that loves the snow and his new family. For their part, his owners have found a companion and the perfect dog. They describe him as a polite, intelligent dog that gets along with everyone he meets, canine and human alike.

For us, it is wonderful seeing the turn around from scared Korean meat dog to flourishing family companion.  

Finn After ©FreeKoreanDogs

The horrors that our next dog faced shows us the true spirit of dogs and how, with the proper care, they can thrive and become an angel of a companion. 

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