Man’s Emotional Reunion With Dog A Year After They Had To Part


About a year after a human had to give his dog to a shelter due to hard financial days, the two were reunited.

Hard financial days lead to tough decisions, and for one human, this mean giving up his dog.

About a year ago when the man lost his task, his home, and the ability to care for the pet, he took the canine to the Great Plains SPCA of Independence, Missouri, a no kill shelter.

Recently, when his situation began to take a turning for the better, he looked at the shelter’s website and became aware that his much loved companion Reece was still there.

The 3-year-old boxer/ greyhound mix had been adopted by two different families over the previous months, but neither situation worked out.

Shortly after was found that Reece was still looking for a home, the man went to the shelter to get him back.

The two had a very emotional reunion, with Reece immediately acknowledging his human friend and smothering him with affection.

Video of the joyous event was posted to the shelter’s Facebook page.

It wasn’t long before the clip and the story behind it were well on their style to going viral.

The shelter said in their Facebook post,” Keeping families together – just one of the reasons #whywerescue .”