The Sporting Dog Guide That Every Athlete Needs To Read


Are you an athlete at heart, wishing you owned your canine soulmate? Then you are in luck, here is an excellent list of sporting dogs to inspire you. Not an athlete, but you want to move around more? Check these beauties out.

Siberian Huskies – Cold Weather Sporting Dogs

Siberian Huskies are cold weather sporting dogs

These amazing animals have incredible sledding abilities. Bred to pull sleds and containers across vast distances, this is your long distance running buddy. 

Be considerate of your pet and only run him in moderate to cold climates as his thick coat can easily promote overheating. Easily distracted by something shiny, be sure to keep your Husky on a leash to prevent him from running off –for days.

Viszla – The Running And Hiking Dog

Vizsla stands on a road with autumn leaves in the background. Known to be gentle, affectionate, energetic and eager to please

Bred in Hungary, the Viszla are sleek animals. They have the body-type of a greyhound but with a rust-colored coat. These pointing and retrieving dogs have great endurance and energy for any outdoor activities. Vizslas are very loyal (nicknamed “velcro dog” for a good reason) you do not need to worry about them running off, even if you’re on a trail or in a park. They usually live 12-14 years.

Doberman – Night Runners

The Doberman, an active sporting dog with a protective heart

Women have the best luck raising Dobermans. 

There is something about their intuition and laid-back demeanor that allows these naturally protective animals to calm down at home. Because of the Doberman’s dominating appearance and stance, women feel more secure about running at night. 

These pups are highly intelligent and very protective, so train them young to ensure a lifelong obedient running partner.

The AKC offers a more detailed list of sporting breeds.

Rescue Dog – Mixed Breeds

Rescue dogs are great sporting dogs.

Often the best walking and or running buddies are adopted from local shelters. It seems the mixed-breed dogs have fewer issues with their hips and joints. And they give you the chance to enjoy walking several breeds at one time. Lab and shepherd mixes are known for their energy and make excellent running companions for even the best of athletes.

Here are a few tips when caring for your sporting dogs:

  • Always check their feet/foot pads for sore/tender spots before and after running. 
  • Keep plenty of water accessible during your run or walk.
  • Run dogs on natural terrain, not asphalt if at all possible.
  • Don’t run puppies, walk at a slow/moderate pace until they are physically mature.

As an FYI, these breeds tend to live longer.

What sports do you play with your dogs? Share in the comment section below.