All Of These Dog Breeds Actually Live LONGER Than Any Other Breed


The average lifespan of a dog runs from 10-13 years. Some breeds live longer than others; here are 15 long living dog breeds. Is yours one of them?

Chihuahua – 17 years

Chihuahuas are long living dogs

Chihuahuas live around 17 years. One of the smallest dog breeds, some live longer because they are not prone to any serious genetic illnesses.

Yorkshire Terrier – 17 Years

one of the long living breeds – Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terriers live around 17-years. 

Pomeranian – 16 Years

Pomeranian only weighs between 1.3-3.3 kg and measures 7-12 inches in height. .They are long-living dogs

Pomeranian’s lifespan ranges from 12-16 years. These pups are another favorite among dog owners, providing many years of love for their families.

Dachshund – 15 Years

dachshunds live a long time

The active Dachshund lives on average 12-15 years. 

Toy Poodle – 15 Years 

Super Cute Brown Curly Toy Poodle dog

Toy Poodles generally live longer than their larger counterparts, with an average lifespan of 12-15 years. 

Maltese – 15 years

Maltese live a long life

The Maltese breed lives around 15 years

Lhasa Apso – 15 years

Lhasa apso average 15 years of life. Suspicious of strangers, these dogs are known as good indoor watchdogs.


pugs live a long time

Pugs are one of the more popular breeds today. They live  around 12-15 years

Beagle – 15 years

beagles live a long life

These loyal Beagles can live on average for 15 years.

Miniature Schnauzer

This high-energy breed is as trainability as it’s larger counterpart. Miniature Schnauzers live an average of 12-15 years.

Larger breed – Australian Shepherd 15 years

one of the longest living dogs in larger breeds

Aussies are known for their excellent herding ability, intelligence, and high energy, living around 15 years.

Shih Tzu – 15 years


The Shih Tzu lives approximately 15 years. 

Cockapoo – 16 years

The Cockapoo lives on average for 16 years.

Jack Russell Terrier – 16 years

The Jack Russell Terrier lives on average for 16 years.

World’s Rarest Of The Long Living Dog Breeds – New Guinea Singing Dog

New Guinea Singing Dog – 18 years

“This wild dog originated in New Guinea and is known for its singing howl. Only about 100 live in captivity. Though they are thought to be the most primitive dog in existence today, they are gentle and friendly with humans,” says Juliana Weiss-Roessler

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