Beware Of The Little-Known Requirements For THESE 6 Long-coated Dogs


It is incredible how a long-coated dog doesn’t trip when it walks. Here are a few videos and photos showing you the fun flavors of these dogs. See if you already know the one from Scotland. Oh, and there is one breed originating from Cuba. Consider which long-haired dog is your favorite.

Afghan Hound

the Afghan hound, is a long-coated dog

This multi-colored dog is as sleek as she is regal. What a beautiful animal, don’t you agree?


Full length of cute Hungarian Komondors

This amazingly long-coated dog is not afraid of his little human girl. In fact, they rest together just like he was a stuffed animal.

Seems to me, the dog would make a great mop too. Just sayin’

Havanese – A Long-coated Dog From Cuba

These lively affectionate dogs are not yappy and snappy like other smaller breeds. and they make exceptional companions—a people dog for sure. 

Fun fact, all of the Havanese breed lines in America today, are produced from only 12 dogs. Originating out of Cuba, these precious and personable pups come in an array of colors, black, white, chocolate, silver, and any combination in between.

Bernese Mountain Dog

These double coated dogs are a groomers nightmare. Never shave a Bernese as they need their coat in place to maintain a healthy body temperature. 

They can grow to about 26 inches at the shoulder and can weigh anywhere from 100 to 110 pounds as adults. These big family dogs love to live on your bed and lay on your couch. 

Remember these oversized pooches claim you as their family and want to be where you are —all day long.

Rough Collie A Long-coated Dog

loyal dogs
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A native of Scotland, the Rough Collie dog breed comes from most of the Highland regions and the Scottish Lowlands and northern England. She is primarily as a herding dog back in England.

Roughies need a lot of room to roam around, as they can weigh in at 50-75 pounds once they become adults. These double coated dogs have beautiful colors most of which are sable and white — the “Lassie” shades.

 In addition, you find various shades of gold to dark brown; tri-color, mostly black with white and tan; predominately white; and blue merle. This last color is black or gray with a marbled look. Listen in and watch the video for more interesting facts about this Collie.

Do you own a long-coated dog? What are your biggest challenges?

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