Learn The Little Known Secrets To Keep Lazy Dogs Healthy And Hilarious!


If you have a slow-moving canine they are not necessarily lazy dogs; they could just be incredibly innovative. Check out the videos to see what I mean. They are fantastic. On the other hand, maybe lazy isn’t slow moving at all, you’re going to have to decide for yourself.

Lazy dogs are also hilarious.

Bulldogs Are Lazy Dogs With Special Talents

This video reveals talents you never knew Bulldogs had. They roll, sleep, sing, sleep, ride skateboards, and climb ladders —it’s crazy good.

Bulldogs look a little like grumpy old men and women, yet, in reality, they are gentle snuggling family friends whose are extremely low maintenance in the exercise category. 

These amazing couch potatoes in canine suits are content to lay around all day long. And, since Bulldogs have a condensed body structure, they can become overheated easily, when the temperatures go up. 

Therefore, it is a good idea to provide an air-conditioned environment year round if possible. Weighing in between 40 to 50 pounds as adults, you must incorporate some form of weekly exercise but don’t overdo it.

Chow Chow Dogs

The best way to get from here to there? 

In addition to walking, how about being dragged around on the floor—what? 

Motivating a Chow to jump around for some fun times, whoa —good luck with that! Umm, yeah, I’m not sure about the Chow in the stroller though, a bit too much. 

Take a look and let me know what you think.

This thick-maned lion dog has a powerful body, yet he is more like a cat than a dog – seriously, he’s a cat in dog fur for sure. 

When he’s not lounging around, the Chow is a great family protector and guarding your home is what he loves to do. As long as it is for short periods of time, then he retreats to bed to recoup.

Our chow mix, Blue, is exactly this way. He rules the other two pups through intimidation, not actual roughhousing. And his favorite pass time, find new places to rest. 

Chinese Shar-Pei Dogs – One-Person Dogs With Massive Wrinkles

When Shar-Pei pups enter a room, everyone says, “Ahh!” And there’s a reason, those darn wrinkles! 

Do you have a dog who loves to sleep? Tell us about him or her in the comments below.

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