10 Icy Treats To Help Your Dog Beat The Summer Heat


One thing that all dog owners love to do is spoil their pets. And what better way to spoil them than to make some excellent icy treats to keep them cool over summer. In fact, these treat recipes are so tasty, your dog will love to chew on them regardless of how hot or cold it is outside. Grab your apron and let’s jump into some excellent icy treat recipes your dog will love.

Cautions When Making Homemade Treats

Whenever cooking, make sure you use caution with ingredients.

With all cooking, it is important to understand a few cautions that you need to take in regards to your dog. Let’s go over them before we launch into the fun recipes your dog will love.

  • One: Make sure all ingredients are xylitol free. This sugar substitute is becoming popular and is deadly for dogs if they consume it. Xylitol can be found in everything from yogurt to peanut butter.
  • Two: Remove seeds and pits. This is very important with apples, which contain cyanide in the seeds. You should remove the seeds and pits from all fruits since they can lead to blockages.
  • Three: Try to avoid high sugar ingredients. Honey is an excellent sweetener that has health benefits. Avoid a lot of excess sugar as dogs don’t need it.
  • Four: Feed in small quantities. While we love giving our dog treats, don’t overindulge as too many of these icy treats can lead to stomach upset and even diarrhea.
  • Five: Include them in your calorie counts. These treats can add a lot of extra calories to your dog’s diet so make sure you count them to prevent obesity in your dog.

And those are the most important cautions when you are making any type of homemade treat for your dog.

Now let’s check out those recipes.

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