Homemade Dog Food Recipes To Supercharge Your Dog’s Health


When it comes to commercial dog food, the benefits of the food are all over the board. For some foods, you are getting the best of everything your dog needs. However, for other dog foods, there is nothing beneficial in all the empty fillers. It is for this reason that many dog owners are opting to make their own homemade dog food. The recipes that we are looking at today are sure to supercharge your dog’s health on top of offering many other benefits.

Benefits of Making Homemade Dog Food

Cooking for your dog is also a great way to bond with him.

Before we launch into the recipes, I want to take a few minutes to look at the benefits of making your own dog food. There are actually quite a few and they are great for both you and your dog. These include:

  1. Allowing you to use fresh ingredients.
  2. You are able to reduce the number of fillers and chemicals found in many commercial dog foods.
  3. The cost can be significantly lower depending on the recipe.
  4. Your dog will have a variety in his diet.
  5. He will enjoy his food more.
  6. You can control the nutrients that are in his dog food and supercharge his meals.
  7. Digestion is usually improved due to fewer fillers and bad ingredients.

Now that we have looked at the benefits of homemade dog food, it is important to be aware of the cautions surrounding making your own food.

Cautions of Making Homemade Dog Food

While homemade dog food has many benefits, there are cautions every owner should consider.

As with everything, there are a few cautions that every dog owner should be aware of if they are planning on making their own dog food. Before you feed homemade dog food, be sure that you are aware of the dangers involved. Which include:

  1. Not meeting all the necessary nutritional needs: Dogs have nutritional needs, and just like commercial dog foods, your homemade recipe may be lacking in some of those. If you plan to feed homemade dog food primarily, make sure you do your research.
  2. Upset stomach: Some dogs can suffer from an upset stomach on homemade diets, especially if you are changing the recipe frequently.
  3. Harmful foods can be added: Be aware of any foods that are harmful to your dog. Many recipes suggest things like garlic and onions, which can be quite harmful. Learn about foods that can harm your dog.
  4. Can be expensive: Depending on the season and where you live, homemade dog food can be more expensive, especially if you have larger dogs.
  5. Time-consuming: Since you are dealing with making the dog food yourself, it can be time-consuming to come up with his meals for the week.

Despite these cautions, if you love to cook, have the space to store the food, and want to spoil your beloved canine, then a homemade diet is definitely something you should look at doing. You will have peace of mind and your dog will get some amazing food, especially if you start with the first recipe.

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