Are Hero Dog’s Personalities The Same? Not In The Way You Think…


Dog’s personalities play a part in their potential to be a hero, but it may not be in the way you think. Each hero dog has a special something setting them apart from the pack. Let’s take a look and see how they tick. 

Dog’s Personalities Don’t Always Jump Out At You

Take a look at these faces. Each dog is a hero in his or her way. Check out their stories here for more insight into their personalities.

Layka The Hero Dog

Layka Wardog has a unique hero personality

This dog’s personality shown through in May 2012. Layka’s handler’s team was assaulting an enemy compound in an Afghan village. “The team received direct rifle fire from the compound. Apache’s with hellfires were brought in to help. Layka went in search for injured or live combatants and explosives,” reports her handler.

“Once inside Layka engaged an enemy combatant while taking four direct AK rounds to the right shoulder area. I removed her from the building and headed to a predetermined point for extraction where the medics started working on her immediately. She was flown to an FOB where her right leg was removed and she was prepped for transport to Germany. Once in Germany, she underwent more surgery to remove and repair her shoulder and tricep. She was moved to Lackland to fully recover and was medically retired in August of 2012.”

Layka persevered. She has a never-give-up personality bent; that’s what hero dogs are made of.

Gander The Hero Dog

Dogs personalities are unique to heroes like Gander

The obedience training Gander, a high kill shelter survivor, received in September 2012, propelled him into a lifelong handler relationship with Lon Hodge. “They have not spent one day apart since then, and Lon credits Gander with literally saving his life. In 2014, Gander, a mixed-breed dog, won the ‘Award for Canine Excellence,’ with the American Kennel Club (AKC) ” shares Canine Companions for Independence

Gander is on a mission –his perseverance shows in all he does. “He travels the United States, 36 states thus far, to encourage education and awareness for PTSD, veteran suicide, service dogs, and persons with visible and invisible disabilities. While traveling he and Lon, his handler, perform Planned Acts of Community Kindness (PACKS), and fundraising: they’ve been instrumental in helping to raise a million dollars for numerous veterans’ groups, veterans, service dog charities, and individuals in need.”

PACKS sponsors service dog education conferences and give hundreds of presentations to schools and community organizations. In the process, they have created a collection of inspirational dog stories entitled “In Dogs We Trust.” They love to visit hospitals, USOs and community events as service dog ambassadors.

Mango The Hero Dog

mango’s dog personality shines through

Say hello to Mango, a four-year-old paralyzed rescue dog living a second chance life.

As a result of Emma’s Cleft Palate Chihuahua Rescue, Mango is thriving. “If a small dog in a wheelchair can overcome her handicap and they can too,” reports team member from Emma’s Rescue Reserve. The comfort Mango brings, teaches them that “disabled” is only a word. Reinforcing, the truth, that labels don’t limit our ability to overcome a life-altering, physical change no matter what the handicap may be.

Because of this, Mango helps other disabled pets by purchasing wheelchairs for them through the “Mango’s Freedom Wheels” program. With generous donations, over 150 custom built wheelchairs are helping other animals regain their ability to be mobile again. 

Mango is indeed a hero to many –once again, the element of these dog’s personalities that stand out is perseverance.

If you love rescue dogs, take a moment, click here to see how you can help get the word out.

Don’t let the challenges your dog faces discourage you. With your love and his or her perseverance, you are both heroes.