You Can Help Dozens Of Rescue Dogs Find Homes By Doing This Right Now…


If you love rescue dogs, check out these practical and creative ways to help dog shelters too. By doing this, you help the rescue dogs find loving homes. Face it, there are not enough hours in the day for regular activities, let alone helping out at a dog shelter full-time. Let’s get creative and think outside the cage for a moment. Maybe you can help by doing this…

You help homeless dogs when you help dog shelters

Help Dog Shelters By Getting To Know Them

Take the time to Google “Local Shelters.” All of your shelters will pop up with the contact information and location. Make a list, call and set a face-to-face appointment. Once you’re onsite, ask what the organization’s mission statement is. You may want to note if they are a no-kill shelter or not. It’s up to you who you work with, but you need to ask to know. 

Donate Items to Your Local Shelter

Many shelters have their donation policies listed, and most include higher priority items. Money is always needed of course if you have it. The most commonly needed items at shelters include Towels – Chains – Leashes – Toys – Brushes – Beds – Food & dishes – Cleaning supplies and Newspapers.

Policies vary on whether or not they accept gently used items and/or food items.

Talk About The Dog Shelters In Social Media

Facebook News | Photo Credit Nerd’s Magazine

Your Facebook timeline, Twitter stream, Pinterest board, and Tumblr page are all great ways to help dog shelters. Ask the shelter if they have prewritten posts you can use to advertise their pets. Sharing the profiles of adoptable animals to your followers takes very little time or effort. Consider making one day a week your social media, Adopt Don’t Shop day. How awesome it is to help find the perfect match for an animal in need of a forever family.

Help Dog Shelters By Working Outside The Shelter

Have a car? Then a dog shelter might need you. This is no financial Uber opportunity because your reward will be helping to get animals to and from vet appointments, or from rescue facilities. But how great is that –a reward in itself. Imagine how a little time and your driving skills will help animals get the care they need when they need it. Besides, your service frees up time for other shelter volunteers to get more work done onsite.

Are you a lawyer, carpenter, event planner, or accountant? Use your skills to help dog shelters by filling voids they may not know they have. It starts by making the phone call and asking where you best fit. Check out even more creative ways you can help dog shelters help their dogs find forever homes.

Here’s a tip if you have an overweight rescue dogThanks for all you do to help, every little bit makes a difference.