Heartwarming Stories Of Celebrities And Their Rescued Dogs


Celebrities — they’re just like us! In recent years, rescue dogs have been getting the attention they deserve and celebrities are in on the action. The great thing about celebrities adopting dogs is these mutts will get the love and attention they deserve. Not only that, other people who might not have been aware of the plight of these dogs are now armed with the necessary info. Without further ado, here are our top picks for celebrities and the heartwarming stories of their adopted dogs. 

Lady Gaga

She must’ve known the statistics involved in rescue dogs. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are a dog breed that has a lower chance of getting adopted. Not only that, her adopted dog is a black Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Black pooches of all breeds don’t usually get adopted because of the misconceptions about their coloring. Kudos to Lady Gaga for adopting a dog that truly needed to be adopted! She sets a good example about standing up for what you believe in. 

Selena Gomez


Although Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez adopted Baylor as a couple, they’ve long since gone on their separate ways. Selena Gomez got to keep Baylor, a mixed breed husky, who’s making waves on social media. Selena confessed that “Baylor wasn’t meant for me- I was going to give her to my nana as a gift,” the singer said. “But I ended up falling in love with him, so I had to keep him.”

Funnily enough, Justin confessed that Baylor doesn’t really like him that much. A premonition of things to come, perhaps?

Zooey Deschanel


An animal lover at heart, Zooey Deschanel once protested against McDonald’s for their apparent mistreatment of chickens. Instead of adopting just one, she ended up adopting two pups because she couldn’t bear to separate the two. 

Liam Hemsworth

The Hunger Games star shares something in common with his partner, Miley Cyrus: th


e love for rescue dogs. Miley Cyrus helped her partner adopt dogs and he’s now inseparable with his pet, Dora. That’s right. He named it after Dora the Explorer. The dog is so huge that seeing them both for a run will definitely turn heads. Remember that Liam Hemsworth is 6”3 and his rescued pet is almost as large (or bigger?) than he is. 

Meghan Markle



Aside from being gorgeous, Meghan Markle has a heart of gold. She’s the owner of two rescued dogs and this probably endeared him more to her rumored boyfriend, no other than Prince Harry, currently the most eligible bachelor in Europe. The actress was quoted as saying:

“Bogs is about three years old now and I started to see that he loves the company of people, but just like I love the company of dogs, I don’t want to be around solely dogs all day long so I realised he might like to have a companion.

“Guy is a Beagle and 17 pounds. He’s probably about 4- or 5-years-old based on his teeth. They are thick as thieves those two.”

How about you? What’s your favorite story about celebs and their rescued dogs?