Heartwarming Stories Of Abused Dogs Rescued From The Brink


In February, the FBI made headlines when it announced changes it was making regarding animal abuse. Namely, that cruelty to animals would be considered a federal offense. This sent a cheer to the rescue community as it meant harsher penalties for animal abusers. However, for me, it was a reminder that the fight continues. Not only for all those animals but also for anyone who has ever been involved in their rescue. That is why I want to look today at the hope we’ve seen many times over in the stories of dogs rescued from the brink.

Dogs Rescued: The Story of Landis the Pit Bull

Before ©Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

The first rescue story we are sharing is the one of Landis the Pit Bull. To say that Landis’s life didn’t start very well is an understatement. The young Pit Bull puppy was unlucky to find himself in the care of truly horrible people. His owners did not really interact with the puppy and he spent almost all of his time in a cage.

If that wasn’t horrible enough, the cage was too small for his body. As he continued to grow, Landis’s body started to deform, as he didn’t have the room for proper growth. His legs were deformed and his spine severely curved. As a cruel joke, his owners named him Gargoyle.

Thankfully, a shelter in GA rescued the poor pup and put a call out to a wonderful rescue in NYC called Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs.

That is where his heartbreaking story became not one of the dogs rescued but one of hope. Landis thrived in the care of the rescue. He was taking to an orthopedic specialist and through the love, care, and devotion of everyone involved with him, he began to flourish.

Landis Not Only Survived, He Thrived

After ©Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

It started slowly. Landis’ legs began to strength and straighten. He wasn’t in pain like he had been. His personality, the loving and playful pup he should have been, was allowed to come out.

In addition, Landis found a new and loving home. His new family lived in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, not far from the beach. When he went home, he started hydrotherapy and, not only did Landis heal, he began walking on his paws after 3 months in his new home.

Today, Landis is a happy Pit Bull that proves dogs rescued from abuse can be amazing companions and are definitely worth the effort to save.

Dogs Rescued: The Story of Chance the Golden Retriever


Although no one knows how Chance’s life started, they do know his is one of many stories of abused dogs rescued. And like many rescued dog stories, Chance’s tale reminds us that it can end with a heartwarming rescue.

It all started in Ohio when people found a stray Golden Retriever in the woods of Lorain, Ohio. Flea-ridden and in bad shape, the dog ended up with animal control. Where they found themselves trying to save the dog after he’d dragged a coyote trap behind him. 

Rushing him to the vet hospital, Chance was assessed of his injuries. One leg had suffered severe damage due to the coyote trap. A second leg had a bullet in it. The staff at the hospital knew Chance’s success for survival rested on the amputation of at least one leg— if not two. 

A Second Chance for Chance


And the staff not only saved Chance’s life but also his second leg. In the end, the vet’s amputated Chance’s back left leg and a toe from his second leg.

When he was out of the woods, the staff tried with all they could to find his owners. However, Chance’s owners did not step forward and Chance had no microchip or collar and tags. In all intents and purpose, Chance was a stray.

Thankfully, Chance found the perfect home, giving up his stray status. A schoolteacher and her family have adopted the happy, tri-pawed pooch. Not only does he have a wonderful home but he gets to visit her classroom where kids of all ages spend time reading to him.

Definitely a dogs rescued story with a happy conclusion.

Dogs Rescued: The Story of Violet the English Mastiff

Before: ©Mutts Matter Rescue

Our final dogs rescued story looks at the story of an abandoned mastiff. What we know of Violet’s past is not clear. We do know that her rescue story started on the side of the road in Maryland.

Starving, abused, and afraid. Violet found herself on the side of the road after her cruel owners threw her out of a moving car in Clinton, Maryland. Thankfully, a good Samaritan stopped for the starving mastiff and got her to Mutts Matter Rescue. And that is where the skinny mastiff’s life took a turn for the better.  She received vet care to deal with the sores on her body. And then Violet went to live in the home of Debbie Gretz, who began the slow process of adding weight to her bones.

Sadly, Violet weighed 56lbs when she arrived at the rescue.

Sure and Steady Weight Gain

After: ©Mutts Matter Rescue

However, with the love Debbie Gretz poured on her, Violet was able to gain over 80lbs back until she was 138lbs!

Her wounds have healed; the abuse has become a distance memory… as distant as that Maryland road. Violet has begun to heal and her journey has been a slow one toward recovery of both her sweet heart and strong body. Violet is a survivor.

Additionally, Violet has learned that she has heroes who will champion for her. Starting with the good Samaritan on the side of the road, going through everyone in rescue who has helped her and ending with the love of Debbie, who cherishes the wonderful creature who is Violet the Mastiff.

While I’ve only shared three stores of hope, there are hundreds of stories out there. Every day, those stories of abused dogs flood the news and the internet. And rescue groups see the worst of it. Although not everyone is able to help these dogs personally, simply sharing the story of these dogs will ensure that rescue organizations can continue doing the important work they are doing. And it may see the horrible people who abused them facing charges.