How A Rescue Dog Show Drew Over A Million Viewers In


Shortly before the red carpet was rolled up at Madison Square Garden, another one was rolled out on the Hallmark channel for their first Annual American Rescue Dog Show. While the spotlight around Valentine’s Day in 2018 was about purebreds, the Hallmark American Rescue Dog Show was all about rescue dogs and drew over a million viewers in.

Not only were their fan favorites trending on twitter but every category offered an insight into rescue dogs and the rescues that help them, proving that rescue dogs hold a special spot in America’s heart.

What is the American Rescue Dog Show?

The 2018 American Rescue Dog Show aired on the Hallmark Channel in February. It was hosted by Rebecca Romijn and Rich Eisen, along with the talented rescued mascot, Happy the Dog. Celebrity judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Linda Blair, Rick Springfield, Brandon McMillan, Ross Matthews, and Larissa Wohl covered the event ringside.

Both mixed breeds and rescued purebreds competed in the categories and the event shed a spotlight on how special rescue dogs were. In addition, the show entertained by the ring while sharing heartwarming stories of rescues and the dogs they help.

While being the inaugural rescue dog show, the event was a big hit. Promoting adoption over shopping, fifty-two dogs, all from the same rescues, competed for a chance to earn 25,000 dollars for the rescue that changed the dog’s life.

Of those 52, the final 10 category winners vied for Best in Rescue Champion.

What Were the Categories?

The show featured dogs competing in 10 categories that focused on personality rather than looks, including:

  • Best in Couch Potato
  • Best in Wiggle Butt
  • Best in Underbite
  • Best in Special Needs
  • Best in Listening
  • Best in Senior
  • Best in Kissing
  • Best in Talking
  • Best in Fetching
  • Best in Snoring

Once winners were selected for the ten categories, the rest of the night finished off with the final category of Best in Rescue. However, it wasn’t just about the “Best In” categories, it was about celebrating the wonderful companions we find in rescues.

The field started with 2000 dogs, narrowed down to 52 and then finally down to 10, with one crowned Best in Rescue.

Who Were the Big Winners of the Night?

It was clear that rescues were the big winners of the night. Not only were success stories front and center but the event raised awareness of dogs in need. However, the showstoppers of the night were Twitter favorites including Jackie, a Black Lab/Golden Retriever that took the Best in the Senior category.

Later on, Jackie stole the title of Best in Rescue. Her gentle temperament and amazing spirit proved to be exactly what the judges were looking for. At the age of 10, Jackie found herself in a shelter. Slated for euthanasia and with hours to spare, Jackie found a new family with two kids and three other rescue dog siblings.

She has never met a person she didn’t like and her story, along with learning about her favorite actives like swimming and snuggling in bed, Jackie won the $25,000 award; her winnings heading to help other dogs at A Purposeful Rescue.

It is clear, the first year of the Hallmark 2018 American Dog Rescue Show was a success. It gained many fans. Highlighted the special animals that rescues are. And illustrated that a rescue can be a wonderful addition to any home. Everyone is looking forward to many more years of an exceptional American Dog Rescue Show.