How Anyone Can (And Should) Help The Growing Homeless Dogs Problem


According to the latest statistics, homeless animals outnumber homeless humans 5 to 1, with no sign of tapering off. America has a huge homelessness problem, especially when it comes to dogs.

Why is This Such an Issue in America?

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There are over 3,500 shelters that must care for and house approximately 3.9 million dogs per year. That is a staggering number but a very realistic estimate of how bad the problem is in America. However, the true number of stray dogs in America is still unknown.

We, as humans, are great at so many things but too often we fail miserably at being humane. So many of these loving animals could have been spared their fates. With a little more preparation and understanding, we could reverse this trend. It starts with educating the public on the enormous responsibility of pet ownership. The key word here is responsibility. After all, you are responsible for the life of another creature.

Problems with the Underlying Cause of the Issue

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There seems to be a preference to shopping for a dog rather than adopting a dog. This is one of the major contributors to the increase in the homeless dog population. Puppy mills only exist for profit and they churn out puppy after puppy, many of which are in poor health. Which leads us to another one of the underlying issues contributing to the abandonment of dogs. If we collectively remove this demand for dogs, the puppy mills would cease to exist.

There are reputable breeders out there with integrity and morals that do this the correct way and that is fine.

This problem is everyone’s problem, whether you own a pet or not. Standing by and staying quiet or turning a blind eye to these injustices only adds to this ever-growing problem.

Together We Can Bring About the Necessary Changes

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There are so many resources out there that can help a pet owner continue being a pet owner, it just takes a little more effort and patience.

If you are not a pet owner, then maybe you should look into becoming one and if that is not something you are into, then maybe volunteer at your local shelter.

A little of your time can go a very long way and so could your financial contributions. There are also other ways to help with this growing problem. For example, you could start a campaign to raise money and awareness for this dire situation.

This is a problem that can be solved if we all do our part, even if it is a small part.