This One Overlooked Type Of Dog May Just Be Officially The Best Dog For Children


How do you decide which dogs are great dogs for children? Looks are not the primary reason, for sure. Check out these factors and breeds before you take your next pooch home. 

Mutts Make Great Dogs For Children

mixed breeds are amazing

You may be thinking a purebred is the way to go, but don’t sell mixed breeds short. When it comes to loving on and caring for your child, mutts are a great choice. Shelter dogs and rescue dogs are looking for forever homes and forever families. Most are eager to please and once they settle in, are very loyal. Consider your family first. Match the dog to your needs, not vice versa.

Consider these three factors when researching great dogs for children.


Boxers, Collies, Beagles, Pugs, Poodles, and a trimmed up Shih Tzu are all great dogs for children.

First, what is the dog’s temperament? They all have personalities, and you can tell right away if a dog is shy, playful, calm, and or outgoing. Look for your best fit.

Next, what about the size? Do you have any restrictions where you live? If your child is small, is the dog be too big? Small dogs tend to be rowdy and easily excited, while bigger dogs are more submissive. 

Thirdly, think about the energy level of your new dog. Do you travel a lot? Is someone available to exercise a high energy dog if you’re not there? 

Maybe a couch potato dog is better, calm and subdued.

Looking for more safe breeds? Check this link out.

The Golden Retriever

The smart, beautiful and good-natured golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. This cheerful dog has beautiful, dense, water-repellent coat, comes either straight or wavy. As the name indicates, the color of their coat appears in different shades of golden color. Besides the beauty, the golden retriever is an ideal rescue dog, obedient, intelligent and energetic.

The Labrador Retriever

Hurricane Katrina was a miserable occurrence for everyone down south, but inspiring stories of heroism have helped give victims a reason to smile. That’s certainly the case with Katrina, the ironically named black labrador who saved a drowning man before rising flood waters claimed his life. The dog, who was later rescued herself by rescue teams, was honored at that year’s Genesis Awards with a standing ovation. (source: DogTales)

The Poodle

Poodles are loving dogs who seldom shed, and are great dogs for children.

Vizslas Are Great Dogs For Children

Vizsla stands on a road with autumn leaves in the background. Known to be gentle, affectionate, energetic and eager to please

The Collie

loyal dogs
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The Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are playful and charming; sometimes mischievous, always loyal

Which is your favorite? I love mixed breeds for sure; I have two Lab mixes and a Chow/Golden mix. All three are loving, but I do need to watch my young female, I think she is a herding breed mixture as she loves to nip at the heels of visitors. 

Here are some tips on adopting more than one dog.