The Symptoms That You Must Beware Of When Your Dog Is In The ‘Golden Years’


As dogs age, they need more tender loving care. Truthfully, the golden years of a dog’s life can be wonderful years. Check out why and see how you can put these tips into action.

Caring For Your Dog In His Golden Years

Golden years can be beautiful years

It will happen at some point in your dog loving years, that season, when the get-up and go has gotten up and gone. But, don’t let him or her go out without doing all you can to provide loving care on your part.

If your dog has a long coat, you may want to shorten it to have a better view of his body. As dogs get older, they may develop tumors under the skin or swollen joints. With a shorter coat, these issues become visible sooner allowing you time to take him to the vet for meds to ease his discomfort. 

Monitor your girl’s activities. Is she slowing down during your regular daily walks? Perhaps she is developing a bit of arthritis. Also, check her stools daily for anything unusual. And, depending on her breed and age, you can determine when her golden years are approaching.

Dental issues are more prominent in senior dogs than in younger pups. Be alert to your pup’s eating habits; is he having a difficult time chewing, or does he prefer softer kibble? These can be early signs of tooth decay, therefore check with your vet on a regular basis.

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Older Dogs Still Enjoy Having Fun!

the golden years of dogs can be wonderful

Just like with aging humans, the golden years of your dog doesn’t have to be boring years. Be sure not to give up on your pup before he is ready to be given up on. Check out the following fun activities your senior will love.

  • Take your older pup to nursing facilities as a therapy dog.
  • Refresh him or her in obedience training, as this keeps you active together.
  • Consider teaching your old dog new tricks – use heavy scented items to perk him up.

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