What You Need To Know About Raising Children With Your Golden Retriever


Why do Golden Retrievers love children? Is it something in their DNA? Could it be the puppy-like demeanor never grows old in Golden’s? It is that and a whole lot more.

The Key To Why Golden Retrievers Love Children Is…


The key to why Golden Retrievers love children is simple–it’s in their personality to be that way. Goldens are one of the best family dogs around. Because they are born with a gentle, loving spirit, these amazing animals are patient, caring, tender, and forgiving of innocent rough play from a child. 

To start your Golden off on the best path around children, begin obedience training at a young age. Though their hearts are gentle, they can grow to a size which could unwittingly cause harm to your kiddos just because they are big. 

The enthusiastic Golden Retriever is eager to please everyone. His puppy-like state is easily distracted so be loving, patient, and kind back to him and you’ll have a friend for life. 

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Caring For Your Golden Retriever

They make great watchdogs, but not-so-great security dogs. They’ll bark loudly at strangers, but once they physically interact with a person, a Golden becomes more friendly.

This active family dog needs his exercise on a regular basis. Allowing him to run off his energy gives the family a better chance for a peaceful night. Be sure to walk your dog a couple of times a day, this provides visual distractions and calms him down a bit. Another caring activity for your dog is playing fetch and taking a brisk run throughout the week. 

Chew toys are a must-have, as this breed loves to mouth everything in sight. Providing your dog with two to three chew toy options stays off boredom, and that’s a good thing!

Consider taking your children on the same walks, allowing them an occasional turn at holding the leash. This activity helps your child learn caring techniques for others and, they too will grow to be your dog’s lifelong friend.

A Video Says It All

From puppies to senior adults, Golden Retrievers are natural lovers of children. 

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