Your Jaw Will Drop When You Hear These Unique Rescue Dog Stories


You have to love these foster dog stories. Not everyone can adopt, but perhaps you could foster. Check out what these foster parents did. 

Watch These Foster Dog Stories With Spencer and Sassy!

Say hello to Sandy, foster coordinator, and Spencer, the foster dog, from the Little Rock Animal Village. Sandy shares, “The first thing you want to do is get a crate for your little one. This keeps him separated from your other dogs and out of mischief.”  

Nancy shares the story of Sassy, another foster dog, who fills the need of companionship in her foster home. “When the dogs are picked up, everyone shares their own foster stories, it’s great,” laughed Nancy. 

From Foster Pups to Forever Homes

Meet Bonnie and her six-day-old pups. Their foster hu-mom, Debbie, weighs the pups daily to ensure a healthy start. A shallow plastic pool is a great place to keep the pups before they get too mobile. It takes about three hours over the course of the day to take care of the new mom and her pups. This video walks you through the six to eight week foster to forever-home process. 

Fostering Ellen! 

Take a walk through the twenty-four days of fostering Ellen. It’s not the number of days that you foster, it’s the amount of love you both get in the journey. Our foster storyteller shares her journal while fostering her second rescue dog. 

Former Streetdog Huey – Foster Dog Stories

Huey, the street dog, meets Bently and his hu-mom, Rachel. She shares a fun challenge to help feed shelter dogs #scoop4subscribe – uniting people around the world to help foster dogs.

Meet Elantra – First Day Foster Dog Stories!

This is a quick first time fostering story starring Elantra the foster pup. PAWS Chicago helped in the process by supplying the food for this two-week foster.

As foster dog parents, we can all use some quick tips, right? 

Tip#1 – Be sure your whole family is on board – Who’s in agreement?

Tip#2 – Be clear on what fostering entails – What are you in for?

Tip#3 – Get the financial burden in writing – Who pays for what?

For additional details on these tips and more put your paw right here!

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