6 Dos and 6 Don’ts For Your Dog To Join Your Wedding Party


Having your dog at your wedding can be a wonderful way to celebrate the day. After all, dogs are part of our family and we want all of our family with us. However, many times, having a dog at a wedding can throw a few curve balls. In addition, these curve balls can lead to some pretty big mishaps if you haven’t planned for them. Of course, we can help you through this by covering all the dos and don’ts of having your dog join your wedding party.

Do: Make Sure Your Dog Is Trained

Make sure training is well established before you expect your dog to behave at your wedding.

While we always stress training for day to day, you want to include your dog only if he is well trained and socialized. This is for both your enjoyment of your big day and his stress levels.

Remember weddings are hectic and quite busy. If your dog isn’t good with crowds or with that type of excitement, it is best to let him stay at home. There are other ways that he can be a part of your wedding. For some positively wonderful ideas, check out this article.

When it comes to commands, you want your dog to know the following commands:

  • Sit: Since there is a lot of time during the ceremony where everyone is watching, you want your dog to be able to sit on command. This will make sure that he is less likely to be pulling on the leash or wandering around the yard.
  • Down: The same as sit, this keeps him where he’s supposed to be.
  • Quiet: He should know the command for quiet. This will help get him under control if he starts barking during the ceremony. Trust me, it has and can happen, often at a moment that is perfectly timed, but you want to be able to get him to settle down after the outburst.
  • Stay: Perfect for the ceremony and the photo shoots.

As with training, you want your dog to be polite when it comes to social skills. Dogs should be good at greeting guests, as he will have plenty of admirers after the ceremony.

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