Dolly’s Rescue Story


This heartwarming video shows the unbelievable transformation of a young puppy who was left to fend for itself on the streets.

Hope for Paws, a California animal rescue organisation received a call about a homeless puppy on the street.

The video features Sylva Kelegian and Hope for Paws arriving to discover Dolly, an extremely matted poodle who’s scared to approach the rescue team.

“No one is ever going to hurt you again ,”,JJ,[] ” said one of the rescuers while trying to get her to latch on to the leash.

Her transformation after being rinsed and cared for is featured in the video and Dolly runs from seeming fearful to happy and healthy.

The video also displays the changes in a dog’s behaviour when appeared after.

Shortly after her rescue, a forever home was received for her.