Research Shows Us That Dogs Tilt Their Head For THIS Reason


There is such sincerity in the eyes of a pup. Couple that with a dog’s tilted head and we have the makings of a wonderful mystery –deciphering the head tilt. Here are a few answers, you decide which one you agree with. 

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I’m the first to admit; I love it when my dogs tilt their heads. An immediate “aww” comes from my mouth, and I encourage them to do it again. My first thought is that my precious pooch is really, really, interested in what I have to say. 

Seriously, as smart as they are, they don’t have a clue as to what I am saying, but they do pay attention to my tone. So, does tone cause the tilt?

What Does A Dog’s Tilted Head Mean?

Scishow offers some great ideas founded on a few studies done with five hundred or so dogs. Take a look and let me know your thoughts below in the comments. 

Yes, the pitch can cause your dog to tilt his head, but there seems to be an underlying reason for tipping to the tone. 

Size Matters – Stanley Coren reported on a survey he took of dog owners. He asked them how often their dogs tilted their heads (see the complete study info here), “I got a very good response to this survey since 582 people completed it. Of these, 62% reported that their dogs frequently to always, tilted their heads when they spoke to them.” Furthermore, “71% of the owners of the dogs with the larger muzzles report that their dogs often tilt their heads when spoken to. On the other hand, only 52% of the owners of the flatter faced, brachycephalic dogs reported that their dogs often tilted their heads when spoken to. This is a statistically significant difference that clearly suggests that head shape, and size of the muzzle does influence head tilting in dogs.”

Dogs tilted heads are cute

In conclusion, because the dogs couldn’t see their human’s mouths clearly, they tilted their heads to see it. The dogs with longer muzzles titled more often.

What do you think? Length of muzzles? Tone? Inquisitiveness? Will we know for sure? Well, while you’re contemplating, take a look at the following video, it’s a head tilter! 

Fun Tilted Head Video

If you live in cold weather areas, check out how it may impact your dog.

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