What Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Can Tell You About His Or Her Feelings


I love watching dogs sleep. They can be curled up quietly or running wildly as they dream of chasing something. While I have seen dogs sleep in a variety of ways, I didn’t think much about it. However, studies have proven that the sleeping position your dog favors is actually telling you a lot about him and how he is feeling. And we are going to go through the most common sleeping positions and explain what they mean.

Is Knowing His Sleeping Position Important?

A Bulldog dozing on the couch can let owners know how their dog is feeling.

Before we look at the different positions that dog owners will see their dogs in, it is important to touch on why it is so important to understand the positions.

There are actually several reasons why understanding their sleeping positions is important. These are:

  1. Gauging how they are feeling: Dogs that are uncomfortable will sleep certain ways. You will be able to see how he is feeling in a certain situation. In addition, you can make changes to help him feel confident in his surroundings when you see him tense.
  2. Determining if he is sick: Many times, when a dog is sick, he may sleep in certain positions. Overheated dogs will also sleep in certain ways in an effort to cool off. By knowing which sleeping positions indicate a problem, you can determine when to take him to the veterinarian’s office.
  3. Enabling you to bond: Yes, even when they are sleeping, some dogs will move into position to bond with you.

By watching how your dog sleeps, you can key into his emotions, and ensure the best care he needs. 

Now let’s check out the 10 most common sleeping positions and what they mean. 

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