Smile Break: 15 DELIGHTFUL Dogs Loving Water During The Summer Months


When I first got a Labrador Retriever, I was surprised by how much the puppy loved water. He would hop into the tub for showers and the first time he saw a lake, I could barely get him out of it. In fact, right up until he passed away at 13 years old, we made a point of celebrating his birthdays at the beach. And every special outing for him was at a lake, river or some body of water. And like him, many dogs love water. With the warm weather here, it’s time to celebrate the water dogs in our lives with a collection of 15 wonderful photos of them enjoying water.

Before you dive in to the photos, and get your own dog to the beach, remember that dogs should be socialized to water to get them to like it. To learn more about socializing your dog, you may be interested in reading our article on socialization


Happy Labrador Retriever racing through the water.

This delightful dog really takes me back to the days when my Labrador Retriever was alive. He absolutely loved water and when he was hunt testing or training, the water retrievers were his favorite. Petey would run full speed, a smile on his face as he dove into the water and out into the current of the stream. It was wonderful to watch.

Just as, I’m sure, everyone watching this dog is sure to be having fun with him. I mean, how couldn’t you since this dog clearly loves the water. And you just know that in any second, that water is going to be deep enough to dive in for an epic retrieve. 

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