The Little Known Trick You Must Know If You Own A Cat And Dog


Do you own a dog and a cat? If so, you may agree that dogs love cats. For sure, you’ll agree that cats put up with dogs. Take a look at these fun home-video compilations and decide from there. 

Dogs Love Cats And Here’s Proof!

Dogs love cats

There’s nothing better than two creatures from opposite spectrums sharing a loving moment together. 

This compilation of cat versus dogs video has some funny clips. You witness the lazy cat and tugging dog and a cat-in-a-bag, as well as a cat-in-a-box! Maybe it is just me, but it seems the smaller dogs enjoy flip-and-play with the cats and vice versa.

Cesar Milan offers great insight to a reader about bringing dogs and cats together. “The cats don’t see your dog as a ”scary pit bull”; they see him as the unstable energy he projects, so you have to make sure to empower the cats by lowering the energy of the dog. That means that whenever the puppy is around the cats, he is in a low-level energy state. That means the puppy has to be vigorously exercised before he comes and meets and greets the cats. That way, the cats will begin to sense a softer energy coming from the puppy.”

I must say though, some of the cats and dogs in this video seem to be on equal energy levels of high and extremely high.

German Shorthaired Pointer And Friend

GSP and cat are friends

The GSP tends to be a calmer dog inside the home which goes against his hunting nature. This photo shows me the potential of humans to just get along as well. We can always hope!

I don’t know that I would call these video clips extremely funny, but they do offer you a good chuckle. 

FYI – you will see a few repeats from the first video.

Chase and tug-of-war are common games between dogs and cats. What I find funny is the number of fearless puppies and kittens who seem to abandon their nature and simply enjoy each other. What do you think?

Here are tips on how to introduce your dog to cats.

Do you have a video of your dog with cats? If so, I’d love to see them.