Dog Health 101: The Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass May Not Be What You Think So Be Sure To…


Your dog is not a cow, but he eats grass a lot. There are two reasons why dogs eat grass, first because it is a purgative and second because they want to. Here’s what experts in the industry have to say.

Why Dogs Eat Grass As A Purgative

Dr. Karen Becker shares the following about why dogs eat grass as a purgative:

Dogs eat grass when they suffer from gastrointestinal upset. Dogs will, on occasion, eat large amounts of grass in an attempt to make themselves throw up. You have most likely noticed, dogs eat any grass they can find; they are not picky.

After eating a large amount of grass, they lick their lips, this is a sign of nausea, and then, of course, they vomit. It is normal for your dog to vomit occasionally (like many of us do when we are sick), occasionally meaning a couple of times a year.

It could be a way of easing nausea, gas or bloating. Again, these conditions are related to gastrointestinal upset.

They may be suffering from intestinal worms. Consuming plant material increases intestinal movement helping dogs and other animals eliminate intestinal parasites.

But is there a point when eating a lot of grass is too much? 

What If Your Dog Vomits Up Grass A Lot?

dogs eat grass

Your dog may eat a great quality food, one he has been on for years with no trouble. But if your dog begins vomiting up grass and food several times a week or even weekly, it is not normal

Dr. Karen Beck recommends “switching brands of food, switching flavors and switching protein sources. Above all, if you’re capable of going from an entirely dead diet (kibble or canned) to an entirely living diet (raw), that would be wonderful!”

A holistic veterinarian can help you to switch your dog to a new diet. Make note, if your dog has been eating the same diet for the majority of his life, you need to make the food change gradually. Usually, you can begin with one part old food with one forth new food for a few days, then gradually increase the new food until you are 100% new food.

Why Do They Want To?

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Truthfully, many dogs just enjoy eating grass. It’s fun. It helps fill time when they are bored, and unless you see extreme cases of vomiting, there shouldn’t be any negative issues.

Always check with your vet as he or she knows your pup inside and out.

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