ATTENTION: You Need To Do These Things So Your Dog Can’t Be Declared Vicious


Once your dog is declared vicious you have a lot of work to do. The better approach is taking steps to prevent it. Check out these rulings and cases involving vicious or dangerous dogs.

Should Breed Dictate Whether A Dog’s Declared Vicious?

Pit Bulls are the first breed people think of when it comes to dangerous or vicious dogs. While in my three years as a Vet tech, I witnessed more reported bites from Cocker Spaniels than Pit Bulls. Yet, a lot has to do with location, location, location.

“Pit bull bites were implicated in half of all surgeries performed and over 2.5 times as likely to bite in multiple anatomic locations as compared to other breeds.” – Characteristics of 1616 Consecutive Dog Bite Injuries, July 2016

Truth can’t be denied when attacks happen because of careless owners. This Pit Bull attack shared on, is disheartening and shakes you to the core. Yet, it’s not normal behavior for all Pit Bulls. Surely, the sock-footed Pitties above wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Let’s Look At The Law Concerning Vicious And Dangerous Dogs. 

Rottweiler puppies
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It’s important to know the legal aspects of why a dog is vicious or dangerous. Take time to check your local jurisdiction rulings concerning how to respond if your dog’s declared vicious. Take a look at my search example, for the city of San Antonio, Texas. Try searching for your city’s name, (forward slash), animal care, to see your rights as a dog owner and or as a victim. 

According to, here’s the definition of a dangerous dog. “A dog can be legally classified as “dangerous” or “vicious” based upon its actions, its breed, or the actions of its owner, either before or after an official hearing, pursuant to the law of the jurisdiction where the dog is present. (Blacks Law Dictionary 589 (10th ed. 2014) following the definition previously set forth in this article on A dog classified as “dangerous” or “vicious” is subject to being confined or kept pursuant to strict rules, and might even be euthanized, and its owner can be fined, jailed and ordered to do or not do things in the future that pertain to animals.”

These Breeds Are Most Likely To Bite!

dog breed Akita

My search on the top dog breeds deemed as dangerous due to bites and fatalities turned up some interesting stats. The Doberman Pinscher ranks number 10 with 23 incidences of bodily harm and eight fatalities. The Akita, pictured above, ranks 8th with 70 incidences and eight fatalities. Check out the Top !0 Breeds That Bite for more information. 

Is your rescue related to any of these top biting breeds? If so, remember, how you care for her makes a difference. Genetics do not dictate your dog’s destiny. Happy rescuing my friend! Oh, check out these ways to help your rescue feel loved

Have you experienced serious dog bites? Tell us your story.