The Amazing Dog Benefits This Little-Known Doga Practice Offers


We’ve all heard of yoga and many of us around the world have even tried it. The benefits are proven and for people, yoga allows us a chance to unwind and build strength both in our minds and bodies. However, how many of us have heard of doga? While the activity is gaining popularity, it is still relatively unknown. Just like yoga, there are many benefits for both dogs and owners.

What Is Doga?

You may be asking yourself, what is doga?

Put simply, it is yoga with your dog. However, it is a bit more than that.

With doga, which was created by Suzi Teitelman of Jacksonville, you can bond with your dog in a new way. While you won’t be doing all of the stretches that come with yoga, you will be stretching and incorporating your dog in some of the movements.

You also spend times soothing both your dog and your own piece of mind. For anyone who loves spending time with their dog and with yoga, doga is a must-do sport.

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