This One Tip Will Completely Change How You Travel With Your Dog


Your bags are packed, plans are made but what about your dog? Is everything in order for him to have an enjoyable trip? Here are some traveling tips for his safety and your peace of mind. First, feed her a couple hours before you get on the road and take a nice long walk so she will relax on the trip. 

Gettign ready to go with your dog?
Getting ready to go on a trip with your dog?

What To Include In A Doggie Travel Bag 

Dog with packed bags ready to travel

Packing your dog’s bag will keep everything she needs in one place and easily assessable. Be careful to consider the season and include extra items, depending on how you travel and weather at your destination. 

Traveling basics include medications, toys, leash, food (don’t try new foods on the road, keep his diet the same) and food bowl. Water is a must, including a portable water bottle and water bowl. A familiar blanket and dog towel. Brush, shampoo, and flea comb/tick remover (depending on the season.) Poop bags are a must and healthy treats to ensure a stable tummy.

Be sure to update her dog ID tag in case she gets lost on your trip. Whether she has a name tag or not, take the time to make a new ID just for the trip, include your cell phone number and an additional emergency number for a friend or family member in the area. You can never be too cautious where your dog is concerned.  

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Arrange Ahead For Doggie Care

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Depending on your entertainment or business plans you may need to reserve a dog sitter at your destination. Don’t wait until you arrive. It’s best to make inquiries and check references before dropping your four-footed family member with a stranger. Better yet, make a few phone calls and see if a relative or close familiar friend could travel with you. They get to travel, frolic with Buster, and take long enjoyable walks every day –at no cost to them. What a bargain! 

Car Traveling Tips And Protocols

Travel crates for dogs

If your dog is traveling inside your car, please use a pet seatbelt harness or a crate. Never make the mistake of allowing your precious cargo to roam free in the car or in the bed of a truck. All it takes is a fast stop, and they go flying. Consider the weather if you decide to secure your dog in the bed of a truck, heat, rain, and cold can stress them out. Ask yourself if you would you be comfortable riding in those conditions? If not, your pup probably won’t either.

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Here’s hoping your next trip with your dog is a safe and enjoyable adventure. Let us know how it goes.