This Dog Was Thrown in Garbage (You Have to See How It Looks like Now)


You’re probably already heard the infamous “what did we do to deserve dogs” statement, but that’s only because it’s true. The world is full with awesome people who love and take care of dogs. But the other soulless half is torturing dogs without remorse.

That’s just sad, for both humans and dogs. They use every single advantage over us, to help us overcome difficult situations. From bomb sniffing, to personal guidance for people in need, they’re always there for us.

And yet, we still hear stories about dogs being thrown in garbage…

Phoenix is one of the unfortunate dogs to end up with the wrong people. She was barely when rescuers found her. The New York City Animal Control was just on time to save Phoenix from her awful pass and her current situation.

Phoenix had to be transferred to Sean Casey Animal Rescue, because her injuries required an extensive care. Sean Casey Animal Rescue is specialized in caring for extreme cases, and Phoenix was a challenge for the whole organization.

“When Phoenix arrived, she was lifeless — she had no strength to move. Her breathing was shallow, her eyes were rolled back into her head, her temperature was low, and she had an infected laceration on her front leg. The doctors felt her odds of survival were slim but we felt we had to try.” – Source.

There were little to no hopes for Phoenix to recover. But miracles happen, and thanks to the rescuers she slowly began to improve.

She even began to walk on her own, and started to wag her tail again. Her badly wounded leg healed, and her transformation towards better live was on the way.

Phoenix is once again a happy dog


Her recovery was a sensation over the internet. People followed the process, and some even offered to help. She received a free haircuts for life offer, from a dog groomer who was following her recovery.

“Phoenix update!!! It’s official Phoenix has found her forever home. She arrived at SCAR after being starved nearly to death and thrown in the garbage. Today she is fully recovered and officially a SCAR graduate.” – Source.

From garbage to a new family, Phoenix finally got her well deserve happy ending. She looks unrecognizable now.

It seems like dogs constantly have to fight between the good and the bad of humanity. But this story is a proof that one way or another, the good will overcome the bad.

Phoenix is now living a happy new life with her new owner. Her bad days are behind her, and thanks to the people from New York City Animal Control, her hope in kind people is reborn!