10 Easy To Follow Tips For Effective Dog Socialization


When it comes to dog ownership, one of the most important things that dog trainers and experts emphasize is dog socialization. It is important to properly socialize your dog from the moment he comes home. And it doesn’t stop at a year old. In fact, whether you adopted a puppy or you adopted a senior dog, socialization should be done every day and we have 10 tips to help you properly socialize your dog.

But how do we socialize our dogs? The answer is fairly simple but you have to throw away some idea of what socialization is.

Instead, remember that socialization is simply building the confidence of your dog. It is making sure that he is confident in his surroundings regardless of what is going on.

Socializing your dog helps your dog be well mannered and confident.

However, another thing to understand is that dogs go through key periods of socialization. If you haven’t read our series on socialization and the key periods, check it out. You can find part one here, which covers from birth to the time puppy heads home. And you can find part two here, which covers 8 weeks until adulthood and beyond.

This will help you understand what socialization is and the important types of socialization. However, if you have read it, let’s look at the tips to make socialization a success.

Dog Socialization Tip Number One: Socialization Is More Than Dog-To-Dog

Dog to dog socialization is still an important part of socialization.

The very first tip I give to anyone who is socializing their dog is to remember that socialization is more than dog-to-dog. Often, we forget this and focus, instead, on getting our dogs around other dogs.

While this is a very important part of socializing a dog, it shouldn’t be the only thing you do for socialization. Instead, you should introduce him to everything from people to places to things in the house. At the end of this article, I have included a table for you to check off a 100 different experiences, which, by the way, is what a 12-week-old puppy should be exposed to.

So get out there and start checking off that list of things to expose your dog to.

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