New Study Confirms Dog Saliva Heals, But Should You Let Your Dog Kiss You On The Lips?


Spill it! When was the last time you let your pooch lick your cut in hopes it would get better? Check out how dog saliva heals your wounds. Myths may be busted here.

Is It True That Dog Saliva Heals Wounds?

A cute mix breed adopted German Shepherd dog is lovingly licking the cheek of a baby girl.

Knowing whether or not dog saliva heals wounds, is the tip of the iceberg if you are allowing them to lick your face.

Did you know that most warm-blooded vertebrae, humans included, tend to lick their wounds? In the past, many cultures believed that dog saliva had curative powers. Documentation shows that both the Greeks and Egyptians obtained dog saliva to use in healing practices with humans. It might surprise you to know, dogs played a significant part in religious healing rites as well.

As far as saliva’s healing properties, there are certain proteins in saliva called histatins (antimicrobial and antifungal proteins, and have been found to play a role in wound-closure) that can ward off infection. Further study has revealed there are other beneficial chemical compounds in saliva that can help protect cuts from bacterial infections. As if that wasn’t enough, there is even more evidence that suggests licked wounds heal twice as fast as unlicked wounds.

All of this being said; is it good to have dogs lick your face? I mean, are dog’s mouths clean?

Are Dog’s Mouths Clean?

dog saliva heals – yes or no?

You may want to reconsider allowing your favorite canine lick your mouth. As not all of the research about saliva was good. Healing possibilities aside, saliva has its risks. For instance, there is the bacterium Pastuerella. This bacterium, though harmless in the mouth, may lead to serious infections if introduced into an open wound. And there are plenty of other germs we can pick up from our environments in our mouths that we do not want a wound exposed to. 

Here’s a tip to help minimize the bacteria in your dog’s mouth.

When it comes to dental disease, both dogs and humans are equally vulnerable and can gain a great deal from good oral hygiene practices. Regular brushing of the teeth helps to keep your pups mouths clean and healthy by removing harmful bacteria. Check out more on this important part of a daily routine.

Good oral hygiene will lessen the smelly impact when your pooch wants to smooch! 

Dogs Licking Human Mouths –Funny And Gross!

I had to leave you with this hilarious video. I’d say to enjoy it, but seriously, it’s gross!

After what you have learned, will you still allow dogs to lick your mouth? Comment below.

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