Pucker Up: Teaching Your Dog To Give Kisses On Command


When it comes to commands that owners love to teach their dog, give kisses is often high on the list. It is, after all, a very cute command that many dogs are happy to do. Kisses often make you feel loved by the dog and it will put a smile on everyone’s face.

What is even better is that give kisses is one of the easiest commands you can teach your dog. It can be taught in two different ways and most dogs will pick it up in a single afternoon. Today, we are going to go over both ways to train your dog to give kisses along with a few tips for troubleshooting that may arise during training.

Getting Started

Giving kisses is a very simple command to teach dogs.

If you have read our other articles on dog commands, you may notice that every command has foundations that should be laid before you begin teaching the command. However, with give kisses, this isn’t necessary.

This command can be taught to your dog at any age, regardless of commands he already knows. However, I do recommend that bite inhibition is established before teaching give kisses. If your dog is in a nipping stage, avoid teaching this command until you have worked through the nipping. While it isn’t always an issue, an excited dog may nip your face instead of giving you a kiss, which could lead to an injury.

Another foundation I often recommend is for your dog to know when he has done enough. This could be the command enough or no. The reason for this command is so that you can tell your dog to stop licking if he keeps kissing you. For most dogs, all you need to do is move away; however, some dogs will keep licking…and pushing…so it is good to have a command established to break the action.

However, even if your dog hasn’t established that command, you can still teach give kisses, which we will go over shortly.

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