10 Ways To Make Your Garden As Dog Friendly As Possible


As the world warms up, spring is a signal to many that it is time to start planting their gardens. In fact, many dog owners are ready and waiting to go outside so they can enjoy the sunshine with their pet while they improve on their garden. Whether you are new to gardening or have years of experience, gardens can present a danger to your dogs. To make safe and dog friendly gardens, here are ten tips.

1) Plan for a Dog

The very first tip for dog friendly gardens is to plan for a dog. Many people don’t think of this when they start planning. They might think of a spot for Fido but they don’t think of how the dog will use the yard.

When you are planning, figure out where off limits will be for your dog. Also, figure out his play area and the parts of the garden where he can walk through.

One of the best ideas I can offer gardeners is to plan dog paths through the gardens. This will help with keeping him out of areas and the dog will enjoy heading off between the plants.

To make sure your dog understands that he has paths, create dog friendly paths with cedar chips or soft sand that is pleasing to walk on. Then create a hard perimeter around the areas that he is not allowed in. This can be through the use of decorative stone, wood, or even fencing.

Some training will have to be done at the beginning of the season, but once the rules are established, your dog should have no problem following them.

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