REVEALED: The Actual Cost And Time Needed To Raise A Rescue Dog…


Face it, raising rescue dogs is no walk in the park. There are costs, sometimes unexpected costs, and there is the time required to meet their needs. These are non-negotiable. The last thing you want is surprises when you say yes to adopting and raising rescue dogs. 

raising rescue dogs is no walk in the park

Raising Rescue Dogs Cost Money But they Are Worth It!

Bringing home your rescue dog

When adopting from an agency or shelter, fees will apply to help offset the cost of taking in homeless or lost dogs. This cost will be a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money you will spend over your new dog’s lifetime. This is a reality check we all need to embrace before embarking on adoption.

Costs Before Going Home

Don’t be caught unawares, ask about the total charges up front. The last thing you want to do is realize you can’t afford to bring your new darling boy home. Most, if not all centers will require your dog to be spayed (for females) or neutered (for males) before taking them home. Average cost ranges from $45 to $135 depending on weight of the dog. The shelter may offer to chip or tattoo your dog for identification purposes. And yes, there’s a cost. 

You need a carrier for the dog to ride in going home. Dogs are tired after a spay or neutering process. He wears a cone around the neck to prevent nibbling at his incisions. An extra lap or two in the car is good, as allowing a dog to move around freely in a vehicle is not advised.

Some expenses are mandatory for all dogs. Once home, you must supply food, routine veterinary care, and a license according to local regulations. A new collar and leash with identification tags is a must. These are helpful in case your pup or adult dog get out of the house or yard.

Basic grooming equipment and bath supplies are good to have on hand as well as, toys, a dog bed, and a crate.

Unexpected costs are the result of accidents and illness. Also, the cost of paperwork involved in finding a lost dog, if needed. Posters, rewards, etc. 

To find more on care costs for typical adoptions visit Annual Dog Care Costs

Time Is Needed When Raising Rescue Dogs

Think about your daily schedule and the time required to care properly for your rescue dog. He needs to be fed two to three times a day, more often if he’s a puppy. Water needs to be constantly available.

Spend at least one hour each day giving your new family member direct attention. This can include training time, exercise, grooming, and play time. Dogs need to be taken outside to do their business several times a day. Don’t forget time outside to expend energy too. If you allow him to run and play you will make his day.

If your dog has a long coat, plan to spend 20 minutes a day on brushing and grooming to prevent her coat from matting. Does your dog need certain medical attention at home? Create a timeline if injections are required in the case of diabetic animals. Remember that adopted dogs may need additional bonding and reassurance time in the early weeks.

Finally, when adopting a dog, allow for additional time throughout the first few weeks for bonding and adjusting. this will be time well spent. No pun intended, just truth.

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