The 10 Superhero Dogs That Will Melt You


Let’s face it, the last ten years have been about superheroes. We see them everywhere. We see them on lunchboxes, in the theaters, on television, and even in dog costumes. America loves their superheroes. With 2018 shaping up to be another big year for superhero franchises, let’s take the time to really look at the genre. Today, I’m going to countdown ten of the best comic book canines that are out there.

10) Ms. Lion


The first comic book canine on our list is a canine and appears in comic books, but Ms. Lion isn’t really a superhero or a Ms. at all. In fact, Ms. Lion is actually a male dog in the comics despite the name.

Originally the ordinary dog belonging to Aunt May, Spiderman’s (Peter Parker) aunt. Ms. Lion believed that he could be a superhero, despite not having any superpowers. After befriending and saving Hairball, a super-powered cat who really hated Ms. Lion, he formed the Pet Avengers. Through his friendship with super pets, Ms. Lion had many adventures and is truly a wonderful superhero.

The main reason for this is because it proves that having a big heart and dreams can lead to you realizing how truly super you are. For Ms. Lion, that super was exceptional.

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