What Dog Each Of These Celebrities Look “Creepily Similar To Goes Viral…


You know this is just for fun. Take a look at these celebrity pics and doggie doppelgängers. You will find a photoshopped breed and actually dogs alongside their celebrity look-a-likes. Would you have chosen the same match up? Please note, this is totally for fun and no dogs were hurt in the processing.

This Photoshopped Breed Has The Eyes For A Celebrity

photoshopped breed and Kerry

Even down to the slanted eyebrows… wow, this is good!

Cher And A Beautiful Afghan Hound

Blond Cher and her look-a-like pooch

The Afghan Hound matches Cher’s hair color almost to a tee. Which color do you prefer, platinum blonde or brunette?

Brunette Cher and look-a-like pooch

Betty White and Her Spot On Look-a-Like

Betty White and her lovable look-a-like pup

If you love Betty White, you might consider taking home a Bichon Frise. You and this elegant loo-a-like dog can sit around and giggle all day. 

We Salute You, Marty Feldman!

What is it about eyes?

Can you figure out which one was photoshopped?

Bruce W And His Look-a-Like Buddy

Bruce Willis and look-a-like dog

Both of these guys look like they can still take anyone on in a fight and win! the ever so slight smile of this look-a-like dog is awesome.

Smiling Ear-To-Ear, A Photoshopped Breed With Cameron D

Cameron Diaz with fake foto-shopped friend

Sorry, but this photo keeps me laughing. I don’t know that I will look at 
Cameron Diaz the same again!

These Happy Faces Go Together 

George Wendt and his perfectly matched mutt!

Can we all sing the Cheers theme song together now –Norm!

Tory Spelling and Her Look-A-Like Dog

Perfect fit for Tory

Can you sense a little bit of attitude here?

One Good Smirk Deserves Another

Harrison Ford and his smirky friend

This Golden look-a-like dog fits perfectly as a smirky Harrison Ford.

Perlman From Hell Boy Fame

You may remember our celebrity from Hell Boy Fame

Love this Boxer staredown with Ron Perlman, he is perfect look-a-like dog!

Marilyn Monroe And Her Look-a-Like Dog

Marilyn Monroe

There is just something about the eyes with our look-a-likes! Oh, well, they do say you can see into the soul through a person’s umm, a pup’s eyes. What do you think?

The Blue Eyes Have It!

Jennifer Aniston looks beautiful alongside this blue-eyed pooch

Jennifer Aniston’s blue eyes run a close second to the steely blues of her look-a-like dog.

Share your favorite with us below in the comment section. If you liked these, here’s a few more to look at.

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