Thousands Of Rescue Dog Owners Could Be Suffering From This… Know The Symptoms


Caregiver burnout can hurt your rescue dog. Do you know the symptoms? Check below to find the signs and ways of coming back from burnout. Do this for your dog!

Symptoms Of Caregiver Burnout

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Most dog owners never think they could turn away from their beloved pooch. The truth is, caregiver burnout can sneak up on you. Ask yourself if you’re experiencing the two symptoms discussed below.

If you find yourself focused on negative thinking and you have difficulty sleeping, you could be suffering from caregiver burnout. Mind you, these two symptoms alone don’t prove you have burnout. Did you know, many of the following symptoms are preventable with the proper incentive. Think of your rescue dog; now there’s incentive.

Anger, anxiety, irritability, emotional exhaustion, lack of energy, headaches and tummy aches, depression, and unhappiness, in conjunction with negative thinking and insomnia point to burnout. 

Burnout Is Avoidable

Self-care is key to preventing caregiver overload. For instance, consider your daily calendar, do you say yes too often resulting in an overloaded week? You can fix this by having someone else, a fellow dog lover, in place to take on projects you did not expect. 

Take time to play. A bored caregiver is no fun for anyone. In fact, by neglecting yourself, you put your pup in danger of obesity. Schedule multiple days each week to take your pup on extended walks or even dancing to music inside the home. If your dog is like mine, as soon as you move to the music, he or she will too. 

You would never feed your dog junk, right? Set a good mental example by feeding yourself well throughout the month. Limit junk food, drink more water and move more, you can do this!

Recovery Is Possible

If you find yourself burned out, change what you say on a daily basis. For example, a positive mindset promotes positive words like “I am worth it!” Repeated enough, these words become a reality, not just a passing thought. 

Write out all the things you accomplish each week, month, and year. Who do you take care of? How many projects have you completed? After writing them down, sit back and take a look –be proud of what you’ve done. A pat on the back every once in a while is beneficial.

Step away from the chaos a few times a month. Even a couple hours at the movies releases tension and stress that can lead to burnout. You are worth it, my friend. Treat yourself, and in the end, you will treat your dog better.

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