Welcome The Month Of April With These 10 Lovely Canine Photos


Well, Easter weekend is here and that means we are celebrating with friends and family. But before we hop out to the Easter egg hunt, we need to hop right into these sweet photos. Bunnies and canines can be the best of friends and it’s proven in all these wonderful photos that will make you sigh, “aww.”

1) Pit Bull

Who’s afraid of the big pit bull? Well, not me because the pit bull is one of the most misunderstood breeds. And clearly not these sweet little bunnies. They are more than happy to hang out with their new friend. And this sweet puppy shows how amazing the breed can be.

Known for being loving nanny dogs, this pup is sure to look after his new friends as they happily play with him. And they are the perfect group of friends to start this holiday weekend off right.

2) Pit Bull, Again

Okay, I just can’t get enough of this sweet little pit bull and her ginger bunny friends. I had to share this photo of a budding friendship that will last for years to come. 

I know for a fact, this bunny has found the perfect friend. Not only is she kind and patient, this pit bull makes the perfect rest to survey the big world. 

3) Jack Russel Terrier

What do you do when you meet a bunny as big as you? Well, you become the best of friends. This Jack Russell Terrier and his black and white bunny friend are hanging out in the warm grass.

Nothing is better than time with friends and this pair clearly know that, even if the bunny looks a little cranky.

4) Puppy

Friendships form between the most unlikely of creatures. And it is definitely budding between these two. While the little puppy looks a little worried, it is clear his new bunny friend knows they have a long friendship ahead of them.

And I’m positive, they will be cuddling together within moments of this photograph being captured. 

5) Border Collie

Border Collies are intelligent and attentive and I know this canine is sure to be attentive to his lop-eared friend. The pair is settling down for a nice nap.

And I’m sure they were just running all over the place moment before. Maybe having an excellent game of chase or out exploring an open field before heading back inside. One thing I know is that these odd friends will definitely enjoy a nap together. 

6) Another Jack Russel Terrier

We love puppies and I can’t think of anything sweeter than this pile of bunnies with a Jack Russell Terrier puppy. I know they will be the best of friends for the rest of their life.

After all, they’ll be growing up together and this Jack Russell Terrier puppy will know what it’s like to have, not one, but three bunny siblings in his house. 

7) Babysitter

It’s hard being a babysitter. Especially when you’re in charge of three baby bunnies that run everywhere. I don’t know how this canine babysitter has done it but it’s clear he needs a little rest.

Thankfully, his hoppy charges are happy to sit down and have a little bunch of the cool grass. And that gives this babysitter a little time to just have fun alongside his new friends. 

8) Golden Retriever

Speaking of a rest, our next pair is all tuckered out from fun and games of their own. And that means it’s bedtime for this cute little Golden Retriever puppy and his bunny friend.

Their friendship just melts my heart and I want to know more about this pair and all the adventures they get into. But, for now, we have to be content with simply watching them sleep.

9) Carrots and Dogs

Pssstt… can you share a bite of your carrot? I’m not sure if this white bunny wants to share but I know his canine friend definitely wants a bite. Maybe someone can get the pup a treat and they can enjoy an impromptu picnic together.

Either way, it is clear these two love spending time together, especially out in the great outdoors. Nothing is better than cool grass and time spent with your bunny friend. 

10) Pit Bull

Bunnies, kittens, and pitbull… Oh my. I absolutely love this pit bull and I’m sure you realize it. After all, she’s been in three of these amazing photos. But now she’s brought along not only her bunny friends but her kitten friends as well.

The cuteness in this photo is overloaded and the pure joy in the pit bull’s face proves that these gentle pups are definitely misunderstood.

And there are our 10 photos of bunnies and canines. I know there are hundreds more I could share but these are some of the best I’ve seen. So why not enjoy them both this holiday weekend as we prepare for the Easter Bunny to arrive on the scene.