How To Take The Headache Out Of Searching For A Dog Sitter


At some point, you will need a dog sitter for your precious pooch. Here are some things to be aware of before you decide to take your dog, leave him with a sitter, or forget about it and stay at home.

Prepare For The Best Dog Sitter Situation

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You’ve heard it before, location, location, location. But did you know it is also key when caring for a dog? The best case scenario is to have the dog sitter stay at your home. Doing so, helps your dog maintain his normal routine which lessens the chance of high anxiety occurring in your dog.

Staying with the same feeding, walking, and nighttime sleeping patterns are highly recommended. Not every sitter-situation is going to be perfect, therefore prepare ahead of time to do the best you can.

If you must leave your dog somewhere else while you are gone, let him visit the location several times before the final drop off. Be sure to get recommendations if you choose a boarding facility and always be current on your dog’s vaccinations and the Bordetella nasal spray.  

Leaving your dog with a family member is not always best unless all your rules are followed –for the sake of your dog. A 15-minute walk is no substitute if your dog’s routine is a one hour walk. According to Cesar Milan, it may be better to extend the walking time beyond routine to help the dog release pent-up energy.

Age May Be A Barrier When Selecting Dog Sitters

Consider hiring a woman as your dog sitter

Think about the activity level of your pup when selecting his sitter. For instance, if you own a 6-month-old puppy, don’t ask 85 years old, Aunt Jane to care for him. It is essential to match the energy of both participants when making the best choice.

Video Tips For You On Pet Sitting

Wow! You need to listen fast, as this pet guru shares her tips. Be aware, she covers how to care for other pets as well.

Oh, here’s another great traveling tip if you are not getting a dog sitter.

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