Always Take THESE Safety Precautions When Using The Essential Dog Grooming Tools


As a dog owner, each of us has a responsibility to provide our pups with daily, weekly, and monthly care. These grooming tools will help you achieve each task. And, yes, I have videos to help you as well. 

Ear Cleaning: Essential Grooming Tools

A handler is recommended to steady your dog, latex-free gloves, cotton balls, vet approved ear cleaning solution, and a towel to place loosely over dog when she shakes her head.

Caution, as this video is for vet training, it is not recommended for you to use Q-Tips at home. FYI – be careful to only use the swab for the visible ear canals. Hence, never go past what you can see if you choose to use a Q-Tip swab.

Trimming Dogs Nails

Secure your dog, giving you free access to his nails, either with a dog handler, on a grooming table, or, like me, by putting him on your lap. You’ll need nail clippers, Quick Stop (styptic powder), and a gentle touch to ensure tear-free nail trimming. 

nail clippers are essential grooming tools

Using Clippers to Groom A Shaggy-Haired Dog

Grooming a shaggy-haired dog requires a slicker brush, clippers (Andis clippers are very quiet), and a #3 clipping blade. Because the #3 blade leaves the coat about 3/4 of an inch long which is best for shaggy dogs. Consider restraining your dog to help her remain calm and compliant.

Bathing Your Dog Tips

I use a plastic pool outside and my standing shower indoors, during cooler weather, to bathe my dogs. I’ve also used two saw-horses with a plastic grate on top covered with a sturdy towel, the water goes through with no problem. Consequently, no matter where you bathe your dog, here are the tools you need to ensure a hassle-free experience. Collect two cotton balls, tearless dog shampoo, and another shampoo blend specific to your dog’s coat and skin type. Therefore, you may need to ask your vet what will work best for your pup.

The right grooming tools help your dog relax during bath time

A few more tools to have on hand are metal combs for your non-shedding dogs, a natural bristle brush for long-haired dogs, and the easy to use, rubber friction brush for all dogs.

Let us know if you use additional grooming tools for your dog. Share below in the comment section.

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