12 Backyard Pool Safety Tips That May Save Your Dog’s Life


As summer approaches, homes around the US are getting into the swing of the warm weather. This includes opening up swimming pools for everyone to cool off during the hot summer months. However, as many people realize, while we love our swimming pools, they do present a danger. Although we think of kids with this danger, swimming pools present a danger to dogs as well. That is the reason why I am going to give you 12 safety tips for your dog and backyard pool.

Pool safety is very important when it comes to dog and backyard pool ownership. Statistics have proven that pools can be as dangerous to pets as they are for kids. In fact, every year, over 5000 dogs in the US alone die from accidental drowning. In a

1) Make Your Backyard Pool Dog-Friendly

Fence in your pool so your dog can’t get access to it when you can’t supervise.

Whether your dog will be swimming in the pool or not, you want to make it as dog-friendly as possible. After all, dogs can easily fall into the pool when they are running around it, or trying to see what you are doing.

When we are making pools dog-friendly, there isn’t a lot that you need to do specifically.

First, if it is possible, fence off your pool area so your dog can only have access to it when you allow him to. This will help prevent him from falling in if you aren’t able to be outside with him.

Second, install stairs instead of ladders in the shallow end of your pool. This means that your dog will be able to exit the pool if he happens to fall into it. Which is very important to prevent your dog from drowning as the sides of the pool can make it difficult for your dog to climb out.

Finally, if you have an above ground pool; place a gate on the stairs to the pool if you have a deck around it. This will keep your dog from climbing up it if you are not home and falling in.

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