5 Perfect Dog Toys That Your Pup Is Dreaming To Have!


Whether your dog is large or small makes a difference in the dog toys you should buy.  Check out a few options you have, specific to your dog’s size.

Small Dogs Need Little Dog Toys

Yorkies are a fantastic small bodied dog.

Floppy Giraffe Mini

by westpaw.com

Our unstuffed floppy toy design for dogs prevents them from loving the stuffing out of traditional plush toys. This 8.5” Mini Floppy Giraffe is perfect for smaller dogs. It features luxurious baby blanket material and contains two squeakers. And because it’s from West Paw Design, it’s handcrafted in the USA.

Super Soft Bones For Small Dogs

tiny bone dog toy

Handcrafted from super soft and durable IntelliLoft fabric with a squeaker inside, this bone for dogs is meant for all-day toss and fetch, indoors or out. This canine classic comes in a range of delightful colors so you can keep one for naptime nuzzling and another for pet play. For convenience, this West Paw Design is available in 4 sizes. All dogs will dig it. 

Ruffin’ It Plush Sports Ball Dog Toys

soft dog toys

Get your playful pup back in the game with the Ruffin’ It Plush Sports Ball Dog Toy. With the possible exception of mealtime, there’s nothing your best friend loves more than a friendly game of toss-and-catch with you. This ball is the perfect size and texture for fetching and retrieving fun for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Large Dogs Need Big Dog Toys

Chocolate Labrador

Petstages Dogwood Stick Dog Chew Toy

Chewing is a natural behavior in all dogs, as it helps reduce stress and can also control barking, digging, or other destructive behavior. Petstages has developed chewable dog toys using an innovative material that combines real wood with durable synthetic material to create a stronger, safer “stick.” This one will keep your chewing dog happy and engaged!

One Of The KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toys

KONG Jumbler Ball

Here is the second choice for large dog toys; a two-in-one ball toy for twice the interactive fun. For example, the interior tennis ball and loud squeak entice play, while the handles make pickup and shaking easy. It stands up to rough play, making it ideal for games of fetch. This large dog toy will ensure an exciting, active play session for you and your dog.

What is your dog’s favorite toy? Share with us in the comments below.

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